weba is the technology leader for high-level toolmaking in forming technology and lightweight construction.

weba embodies innovation in highly technical tool manufacturing.


Every employee of weba is responsible for the quality of our stamping and forming tools
In connection with our individuality and team spirit, the responsibility assures our common success as expert in press hardening technology
Responsibility strengthens our independence and our common dedication to reach outstanding forming results
Responsibility is the basis of our sustained cooperation with our partners in the automotive industry


Visioneering means the joint shaping of our future and of the development to Turnkey Solution Supplier in forming technology.
Visioneering ensures our technological lead in hot forming
Visioneering is a result of a cooperation in future-oriented platforms and in qualified process chain of tool manufacture
Visioneering creates opportunity for innovations and unique tool concepts.


Our solutions for complex challenges in sheet metal forming distinguish our team at the market. 
By delivery extraordinary forming solutions, we ensure our strong partnership with vehicle manufacturers.
Our sound expertise and long-lasting experience in stamping and forming technology form the basis for our solution concepts.   
We create solutions that are individually adapted to the requirements of lightweight construction.


Our fast and flexible use of the resources in tool manufacture make us unique.
Uniqueness is a result of a professional collaboration of our locations in producing our stamping and forming tools
By delivery a wide range of products such as tools, sheet metal parts, fixtures and gauges or joining and welding systems, we have a unique position at the market.
The investment in further development of the hot forming process makes us unique.


Our passion motivates us to perform at the highest level in developing and improving of press hardening methods.
The quality of our tools reflects the passion of our qualified team. 
Our passion strengthens our team spirit and our focus in creating optimal forming solutions.
We are passionate to get the best optimization potentials in hot forming process. 
The weba group is fully aware of its role in the society and its responsibility towards customers, suppliers and employees. Therefore, our company is committed to clear principles of responsible and value-oriented business management.