Leading the Future of Forming Technology & Tool Production with weba Werkzeugbau

Through groundbreaking innovations in forming technology, weba Werkzeugbau has established itself as a leading force in lightweight construction. We stand by our customers as a provider of holistic solutions with extensive capabilities in tool production that cover the entire value creation process. Our offerings range from development, design, machining, and production to series manufacturing, as well as advanced joining and welding techniques, to ensure comprehensive service. Our dynamic development and innovation spirit form the core of our expertise, complemented by a commitment to continuous optimization. We place great emphasis on responsible and sustainable business practices.

Our Strenghts

Our Quality Excellence

Our goal is to make progress through continuous improvements and innovations. With a solid quality control system, we aim to consistently achieve better results in tool production. By evaluating quality reports and customer feedback, we proactively identify areas for improvement. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental protection, we implement a comprehensive management system.

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Our Locations

Our combination of expertise, adaptable, and efficient manufacturing allows us to quickly transform ideas into customized solutions. More than 300 employees across our three locations in Europe ensure adherence to the highest quality standards in the production of tools and machinery. The uniformity of our software and machines enhances our competitiveness. With our network and capacities, we offer comprehensive solutions and excellent customer service.

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