The Power of Innovation and Tradition: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at weba Werkzeugbau in Dietach

Dietach, Austria – Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Upper Austria, in the town of Dietach, lies the headquarters of weba Werkzeugbau, the leading developer and manufacturer of press tools. This location represents the heart of the research and development work of the weba corporate group, distinguished by an impressive combination of innovation, expertise, and commitment to quality.

weba’s success rests on the synergistic connection between a state-of-the-art research department, a powerful development department, and a team of experienced technicians. This combination allows weba to continuously push the boundaries of forming technology and develop individual solutions for the complex challenges of its customers.

Research and Development: A Pulsating Heart of Innovation

The research and development work at weba is the pulsating heart of the company. With projects like SoftZone 2.0 and sensor-controlled SmartTools, weba sets benchmarks in the industry. The development of innovative digital quality control systems and the exploration of new materials and methods underscore weba’s commitment to improving the efficiency and safety of forming processes.

Engineering Excellence: Where Technology Meets Creativity

weba’s simulation and design department is a hub of creativity, where complex design challenges are mastered with innovative solutions. By combining years of experience with cutting-edge technology, weba guarantees the realization of optimal tool designs tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Apprenticeship Training of the Highest Class: The Key to the Future

A fundamental pillar of weba’s success is the targeted training and development of young talent. Through comprehensive basic training in a state-of-the-art teaching workshop and integration into real projects from the second year of apprenticeship, weba ensures that its trainees not only gain technical knowledge but also understand the high quality standards and the importance of teamwork.

A Look into the Future

The Dietach location exemplifies weba’s vision to shape the future of forming technology through continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence. "We strive to be not just a supplier for our Tier 1 customers, but a true partner in implementing their projects. Our goal is to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them and to set new standards in the automotive industry together," explains Hannes Feuerhuber, CEO of weba. "We are proud of our team in Dietach, which turns this vision into reality every day."

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